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Koala Kruizers is a Stark County, Ohio transportation service provider for people (and pets) who need a reliable ride that's personable, accessible, and safe.
Serving Canton, Massillon, North Canton, Louisville, Alliance, Waynesburg, and beyond

We'll make sure your ride is...


To make sure you're getting the best-of-the-best, our drivers must undergo an extensive background check, driving record check, and personal conduct screening. Our 21 vehicle fleet is Ohio Department of Transportation-inspected and approved.


If you need assistance getting to and from the vehicle, we're here to help you door-to-door. Three of our vehicles come equipped with a wheelchair lift. (We can even transport pets—let us know how we can best serve you!)


Compared to the cost of most direct-to-destination transportation services like Uber or Lyft, we can save you money each month. We even accept Passport and Medicaid for medical transportation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Koala Kruizers?

Koala Kruizers is a personalized door-to-door transportation service. We transport kids to school, day care, and extra curricular activities. We take adults to medical appointments, errands, and weekly meetings. We currently have 19 vehicles in our fleet, including 3 equipped with a wheelchair lift.

Who can use Koala Kruizers?

We transport anyone who needs a  reliable ride! Our most frequent riders are kids and adults who don't drive themselves. We can transport your pets (dogs or cats) to the vet, groomer's, or kennel, too! We can offer anyone a ride that is secure, personalized, and affordable.

How do I know my driver and vehicle are safe?

All of Koala Kruizers' drivers must pass a rigorous background check, driving records check, drug screening, personal conduct screening (along with the typical job interview process). We pride ourselves in selecting only the best of the best for your security.

Our vehicles must all be inspected and approved by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Koala Kruisers' entire fleet is roadworthy and ready to serve you!

What are my payment options?

There are three ways to pay!

1. Become a member of Koala Kruizers. We'll bill you each month for usage.

2. The PASSPORT program (through the area Agency on Aging) covers transportation to medical appointments. Tell your case manager that you want to travel on Koala Kruizers.

3. MEDICAID will pay for transportation to medical appointments for clients who use a wheelchair.

What days and times can I get transportation

We are a 24/7 transportation provider. That means we can schedule rides on weekends or evenings! You can call our offices Monday-Friday, 7am to 5pm or book a ride online.

How is this different from Uber or Lyft?

We love Uber and Lyft for traveling outside the area, but Koala Kruizers is a local, small-staff transportation company with a few key differences.

We can accommodate your regularly-scheduled routes and routines—unlike either of these services which won't schedule your repeated trips.

No more review-checking or guesswork! You'll probably see the same few qualified Koala Kruizers drivers if you ride with us regularly—instead of a virtually unlimited pool of potential drivers. Our drivers will even walk you to your door to ensure your safety.

Our transportation options range from private car, to minivan, to wheelchair lift-equipped bus.

By booking ahead with us, you'll save a significant amount month-over-month vs. other direct-to-destination transportation.

How long have you been in business?

We started in 1995, so we've been serving the Stark County area for over 25 years!

How far ahead do I have to schedule?

We will do our best to accommodate any transportation requests. However, call us as early as you have plans, so we can make sure our team is ready to serve you!
Koala Kruizers is a Stark County, Ohio transportation provider for people (and pets) who need a reliable ride. Getting you safely door-to-destination—and back again—since 1995.
Phone: (330) 966-BEAR
Office Address:
1170 S Main St
North Canton, OH 44720
Office Hours: Mon-Fri
Areas Served: Canton, Massillon, North Canton, Louisville, Alliance, Waynesburg, and beyond

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